7 BEST Haircuts For Curly Haired Ladies… With Styling Tips From The Pros!!

Ever since the beginning of spring 2014 we have been slammed in the salon with ladies getting their Keratin treatments. I mean, these ladies haven’t skipped a beat. The slightest bit of curl or unmanageability has us insanely busy.So it occurred to me… what if these ladies knew of a way, other than straightening, to tame that curl and look naturally hot!?

I have done my research and talked to all the pros! I know frizz can be a pain, and I also know that we all want to have Kim Kardashians hair. But, let’s be honest, that is a little bit of an unrealistic option. Instead, why not look like a better version of ourselves, with a haircut that compliments those beautiful curls.

With all of that being said… Here it is!

The 7 BEST Haircuts For You Curly Sue’s!

& Some Helpful Hints For Taming Those Unruly Tresses!

First Things First… Let’s talk prep!

*Styling tips by: Stephens and Mancuso

• Use a moisturizing conditioner when showering. To have the most flexibility when styling your hair, you want to inject as much moisture into your curly hair as possible, which will help soften the curls. “It’s what you start with that’s going to set you up for a successful style,” says Mancuso.

• Look for products that have olive oil, coconut oil, and other hydrating ingredients in them. “When you hydrate the hair, it adds weight. Weight defines curls and makes it easier to manipulate them, while preventing them from exploding into frizz,” says Mancuso.

• Apply product when hair is damp, right out of the shower, so that the product can dry with the hair and help neutralize the curls, says Stephens.

• Blow dry your roots without the diffuser, then attach the diffuser for your ends, so that it doesn’t take hours to dry your hair, says Mancuso.

Now that you know how to prep your curly hair, here’s how to find the perfect cut and style for you.



If you have fine to medium hair with loose, uneven waves …  Get a long wavy layered haircut.
Why the cut works: Taylor Swift’s hairstyle is an easy transition for her naturally fluffy, wavy hair. “This cut’s good for long, wavy hair that’s not too tight or curly,” says Mancuso. “This cut could be dangerous and a bit of a commitment for those with curlier hair.” To get this look:
Step 1: Apply a mousse with conditioning ingredients through damp hair (We love MoroccanOil Volumizing Mousse $29.00.) Mancuso recommends using a mousse instead of a curling spray, because sprays can be too heavy and will cause hair to look overly coiled.
Step 2:
Blow dry hair at the roots, then use a diffuser to blow dry the ends.
Step 3:
Add a defining cream to your curls. Mancuso says, “You want to define the curls, but you want to let some of the natural texture come through.”
Step 4: Wrap sections of hair around a large 1-inch barrel curling iron. We suggest KarminG3 Clipless Curling Rod, $130


If you have fine to medium hair with tight spiral curls … Get a really long haircut with layers.
Why the cut works: Mancuso says the curlier the hair, the longer the layers should be. AnnaLynne McCord’s lioness mane is tamed with defined curls and tapered at the ends with layers. To get the look, see Mancuso’s tips:

Step 1: Apply a smoothing serum like Kerastase’s Oleo-Relax Anti-Frizz, $33, and comb the middle section of your hair back.
Step 2: Blow dry hair with a diffuser, using your fingers to pull hair gently to preserve the natural texture as much as possible.
Step 3: Apply a curl cream to define pieces in the front and combat frizz that resulted from drying.
Step 4: Take a curling iron like KarminG3 Clipless Curling Rod, $130, and identify some key spots around your face that you want to dress up, says Mancuso. “Curling just a few sections of hair will give you a nice mix of spirals and softness.”



If you have thick, wavy hair …Get a medium to long haircut with long, minimal layers.
Why the cut works: While Andie MacDowell’s natural texture is voluminous and wavy, the long cut allows the weight of the hair to give styling flexibility, says Mancuso. “The long layers break up the hair, so that it doesn’t get too heavy on the bottom.” MacDowell elongated her natural texture to create a more glamorous wave that’s modern enough and not the traditional “old Hollywood” style. Mancuso shares how to copy her style here:
Step 1: Apply a leave-in straightening product to loosen the waves.
Step 2:
Blow dry hair with a diffuser and use your fingers to stretch your hair while diffusing it.
Step 3:
Brush through hair to loosen up the curls even more and get volume.
Step 4: Apply a leave-in cream like
Moroccanoil Curl Control Cream, $30, to redefine hair and fight frizz.


If you have thick, very tight curls …Get a shoulder-length pageboy cut with longer layers at the ends.Why the cut works: It’s not quite a lob (long bob), but the cut is a length that sits right on your shoulders, which makes Corinne Bailey Rae’s beautiful curls short enough to maintain but long enough to prevent her hair from getting too big, says Stephens. To get this look:

Step 1: Apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair. We like Kerastase’s Nutritive Nectar Thermique
, $35.
Step 2:
Scrunch curls to “push the curl in,” says Stephens.
Step 3: Blow dry hair with a diffuser.


If you have coarse, wavy hair …Get a layered pixie with longer layers in the front.Why the cut works: Vanessa Hudgens took the plunge with a pair of scissors and emerged with a short crop that took some getting used to. Without the length, her natural wavy hair became curlier. For this style, Mancuso says Hudgens worked with her natural curl and just used a blow dryer to smooth the front bangs. See his tips now:
Step 1:
Apply a straightening cream to loosen the waves on damp hair.
Step 2:
Using the force of the blow dryer, amp up the fluffy, natural texture of your hair.
Step 3:
Blow dry your front layers with a flat paddle brush to smooth the bangs.
Step 4: Run your fingers through the back of your hair and lightly mist with a finishing spray.


If you have medium dense hair that’s wavy and relaxed …Get an extremely layered long cut.Why the cut works: The layers begin at Jordin Spark’s cheekbones, which helps to give movement to the hair, says Stephens. “It keeps it sexy, instead of just one heavy length. When you don’t have layers, you have a bohemian, heavy look.” Stephens says this style isn’t about being neat, but about creating free, movable hair. Here are her tips on how to get this look:
Step 1: Apply a leave-in conditioner to damp hair.
Step 2: Spritz a tousling spray like Kerastase’s

Spray à Porter $29, to enhance your waves.
Step 3: Blow dry with a diffuser.
Step 4: Wind small sections of hair around a medium barrel curling iron if you want your hair to look super-polished. Shake out the curls with your hands, then spritz with hairspray (we love Moroccanoils Luminous Hairspray, $21).


If you have fine to medium hair with a mix of waves and curls …Get a layered bob with side-swept bangs.
Why the cut works: “There’s a strong line with lots of layering, which is what’s keeping the curls full and soft, but not looking like a pyramid,” says Mancuso. “If it was one length, it would be too heavy at the bottom.” So, layering is imperative with a bob. Here are Mancuso’s tips on how to achieve Violante Placido’s natural style:
Step 1: Run mousse through damp hair. Try Kerastase’s
Boucles d’Art, $30.
Step 2:
Comb it into the style that you want.
Step 3: Blow dry hair with a diffuser, maintaining the shape.