“Fall” in love this season’s looks

Well ladies, summer 2015 has come to an end and cooler temperatures are welcoming themselves quickly.  Mother Nature can surely agree that the autumn color scheme is quite beautiful and no doubt she wears them well but it’s your turn.  Take a look at some of our favorite looks:

For those beautiful blondes:


Honey Blonde

Meet your happy medium, this soft change is a balance between not too dark and not too blonde.  This color will look fabulous with the seasonal colors.  Pair it with shades of greens,browns and rustic oranges to complete the look.



This look has taken over Hollywood and we can see why!  A beautiful blend of soft blonde balayage highlights and light neutral browns will help you create the ultimate celeb look for this fall.

For the beautiful Brunettes:


 Chestnut Balayage

Jessica Biel wears this color stunningly, however so can you.  The balayage technique has made it’s way to the top no doubt.  With the touch of chestnut against a brunette base you will have necks turning at your gorgeous locks.

a138ebab1bd33be7e1a4f29df1990270Caramel Sombre

Okay, so maybe you want a subtle ombre, we call it Sombre in the salon world.  This technique is inspired by warmth tones which can give you the perfect caramel touches as seen above.

Let us help you achieve a customized look for your hair this fall!

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