hairdreams-marietta-GAHairDreams has been a leading supplier of hair extensions throughout the world for many years. The company has been fortunate to be working with top stylists in cities such as Milan, Paris, New-York, who regularly style celebrities, actresses, singers and models using HairDreams hair extensions. Based in Austria, hair is ordered to each client’s specific requirements – an exclusive brand, for those clients looking for the very best in quality, styling and natural appearance, to add length or thickness to their own hair.

At salon Zahra we will be using Hairdreams for our clients in (but not limited to) Marietta, East Cobb, Roswell, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Metro Atlanta, Buckhead, Alpharetta, Cummings, Smyrna, and Dunwoody.

The HairDreams philosophy includes a strict quality orientation. Only absolutely healthy hair strands, from root to tip, passes the stringent HairDreams quality control. A standard full head of hair extensions consists of 200 strands, amounting to approx. 40,000 individual hairs – each one of these hairs has been selected using tweezers and examined under a large magnifying glass to ensure the quality of that individual hair.

If the cuticle is damaged, or the hair does not meet quality control it is refused and will not form part of a larger bonded strand. The checking and further refining of each individual hair is laborious, but forms part of what makes HairDreams such a fantastic brand to wear and enjoy – as the hair does not tangle, dry out or get knotty throughout the waear period if cared for properly.

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There are two hair qualities to choose from, both very good quality, 5* or 7*. The 5* hair lasts for one application, which could be up to 7 months. It is dark hair sourced from all around the World. To achieve the desired hair colour, the 5* strands are lightened with a gentle, slow process over 24 hours and then coloured to the desired colour. The 5* hair is shiny, thick from root to tip, and beautiful quality. The 7* hair, is regarded by many as unsurpassed in quality, which allows this hair to be used for 18 months, being re-bonded and re-applied twice during that wear period. The hair is from people of “European Type” hair, allowing a larger spectrum of natural hair colours, so this hair enjoys minimal processing.

HairDreams hair extensions are selected to suit each individual client’s requirements, whether a client has very fine hair or very thick hair, the strand and bond size selected will suit that particular client’s natural hair type, giving a flawless appearance. The bonds have been carefully developed by HairDreams and are a thermo-elastic synthetic. This material features excellent application characteristics, outstanding durability and exceptional wearing comfort – it is very rare for clients to lose many strands at all during the entire wear period, ensuring their hair remains thick and looking gorgeous. There are four bond sizes from “normal” for thick hair to “comfort point” for fine hair, or areas of the head, such as closer to the crown or around the hairline, where a larger bond may be seen. HairDreams extensions are customised to the client’s natural hair and head size, using a mixture of the different bond sizes and a variety of colour combinations and lengths. The extensions once applied will look so natural, and feel as if they are your own hair!

Hairdreams hair extensions can be tied back into a ponytail and styled without being seen. As they are 100% high quality human hair, they can be curled and straightened, using heat protection as advised by your stylist. You are able to continue your daily routine, such as swimming, going to the sauna, horse-riding etc… all with HairDreams hair extensions applied.

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