Women know the reality of having to juggle a million things at once–especially a working mom. There’s early morning reports, conferences, phone calls from your boss, grocery store runs, hopefully some time for the gym, meals to cook, laundry, homework to do with the kids, bathing, and bedtime. Although modern hairstyles are cute and trendy, a working mom’s biggest frustration is this: NO TIME!! “How in the world am I supposed to pull off a cute hairstyle when I barely get enough time to SHOWER?”  have you moms ever asked yourselves that? 


Salon Zahra has great ideas for you! We will include the top 3 in this post–the most practical we could find. I mean hey, you probably only have the time to read three anyway! So here we go.

1. Make Waves Overnight:

For gorgeous, loose waves the good news is you don’t have to invest much time. Braid damp hair before bed and you’ll wake up with beach-worthy waves. Make sure your hair is braided tightly so your hair doesn’t frizz up. (Bonus tip: For even larger curly waves, pin multiple small buns with bobby pins instead of braiding damp hair. The buns will create a sexy loose wave look)

2. Accessorize:

Accessories are a fun way to play with your hairstyle and the good news is this season the headband is hotter than ever. Push hair back with a headband in the morning for an instant 2-minute style. Play with different parts too until you find the look you like best. We’d also add that a thick headband is a great way to distract from and cover up oily roots!

3. Dry Shampoo!

The one must-have product for any mom is DRY SHAMPOO! It soaks up all the oil in your roots and gives your hair a just-washed look. It also lets you keep the work you did curling your hair yesterday without having to re-do the whole style! What is our best pick for dry shampoo? Well, Salon Zahra has the perfect answer! MOROCCANOIL DRY SHAMPOO!! This dry shampoo comes in light and dark tones, depending on the color shade of your hair. It is amazing and works wonders. You can find it at Salon Zahra of course!

There you go: three quick ways to pull off cute hair without having to add extra time. Cheers to all the working moms out there, trying to juggle it all for their kids!