Tri-Sha Raza

After returning to the Atlanta area from Texas, I went through a number of disappointments looking for a stylist. In my search I came across Salon Zahra, it is an upscale salon, which offers great service and the best products in the market. Everybody starting with Zahra is very friendly and try to make you feel special and your visit as pleasurable as possible. But to me my stylist Adriana is it! She is fantastic, she is a great hairstylist that knows what she is doing, but at the same time, listens to you and what you want. This was very important to me the first time I visited the salon. Since then she has truly proved herself to me and how good she is, she fixed the mess I had the first time I saw her, then gave me beautiful hair cuts when I kept my hair long. I then decided to go for a short bob and it was beautiful. Now I’m going back to longer hair again and yesterday I received another beautiful cut. Adriana you are the best and no one is touching my hair but you ever as long as you are around… Even my long suffering husband is so pleased that finally I have found the stylist I was looking for; he loves my haircuts and especially how happy I am when I leave the salon.