Useful hairstylist tips!

How to Have a Good Hair Day, All Day & Every Day??

Does your hair become an unruly, nightmare on days that are particularly humid or rainy?  Are you tired of fighting frizz?  With a few essential tips, you can take control of your hair, no matter what the weather brings.  The key to combating frizz is to keep your hair hydrated and then seal the hair cuticle to create a natural barrier.  Scroll down for hair salon tips below to learn how you can get rid of frizzy/wild hair in just three easy steps!

Frizz is often the result of dry, porous hair desperately fluidealiste ad

seeking to absorb moisture from the air surrounding it.

Restoring the moisture level of your hair and keeping it properly

hydrated will go a long way toward keeping frizz at bay.

To do this, you will need to start with good hair care and great products.

At Salon Zahra, our stylists recommend the Kerastase Bain Fluidealiste Smoothing Shampoo and Masque as a great duo for giving your locks a superior hydration. Bain Fluidealiste Shampoo helps cleanse, calm and smooth rebellious, frizzy hair. Its conditioning action provides lasting smoothness & humidity protection.   Follow the shampoo with the Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine Smoothing Masque which will bathe your hair in moisture, polishing its surface and providing even more humidity protection and amazing shine.


Serums provide essential protection against any kind of heat styling, from blow dryers to flat irons, so this tip is  very IMPORTANT to follow.  Heat protection is really crucial for all hair types, but especially for anyone who has fine hair, which is more sensitive to the kind of cuticle damage that leads to frizz. One of the best selling Heat protecting spray is The Kerastase Fluidissime spray.  This is available at our hair salon of course. This spray is heat- activated smoothing oil that reduces unruliness and maximizes shine.  It provides a long lasting and anti-humidity protection to control your hair and keep it frizz-free. Only thing to do is spray your whole hair, and then use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute, paying special attention to your ends.

Rubbing your hair roughly causes friction and can damage the hair surface, making frizz an even greater problem. To dry, gently blot your hair with a soft T-shirt type material or super soft towel.  Never wring or twist or scrub your hair when washing or drying. Using a blow dryer at high heat setting, can also lead to dull, frizzy hair, static, and even split ends. Invest in a good quality hair dryer with an adjustable heat setting, and use the coolest setting possible.  Ionic blow dryers are the best.  Hold the dryer so that the stream of hair blows in a downward direction from the nozzle of the dryer.

*Picture above is a before and after of damaged dry hair, converted into soft,shiny, manageable hair.