There’s no better time than the start of a new year to jump full steam ahead into fresh resolutions. While some are enthusiastically hitting the gym—for a few weeks, at least—we’re making an appointment at the hair salon, as soon as possible. In this delicate period of new beginnings, it’s finally time to follow that impulsive urge to change up your look, starting with a killer new hair color. After that, possibilities are endless. We're predicting that 2019 is going to be all about statement-making color that still feels (and looks) natural. Between the creamy blondes and metallic brunettes, the zippy reds and toasty ash hues, these hair color trends are here to shake things up in the best way. In this collection, there’s more than one shade you’ll want to rock this winter, spring, summer, and fall. So what do you say? This year, it’s all about going for it. So try out one of these hair trends that’ll help you kick off 2019 feeling fresh and fabulous.


Rosy Blonde

 Since bright and pastel hair colors are still trending as we head into 2019, try a not-so-permanent pick. These slightly pink locks are courtesy of Kristin Ess’ Rose Gold Temporary Tint, Gone in just a wash, it lets you play around with your creamy or honey blonde. 


Creamy Blonde

 Keep the bubbly flowing well after your New Year’s Eve party by going with the perfect champagne blonde. Fizzy and light, this shade isn’t too warm or too ashy. Dare we say, it’s just right. Creamy blondes of all shades will be huge this coming year. 


Illuminated Red

 Set those red strands on absolute fire in 2019. With ladies embracing red shades left and right, natural and otherwise, this bright rendition has an almost illuminated, metallic finish on the ends. 


Golden Touches

 Make a statement with bright gold touches on rich brown strands. Framing the face is the most flattering move you can make, and we consider this look by celebrity stylist Harry Josh the perfect starting point. 


Frosted Brunette

All we can say is, where do we sign up? This ashy brunette looks frosted, but not in the tragic early-2000s way. This shade will let you keep your locks fresh and stylish without straying far from your roots. 


Golden Blonde

 Kick off the New Year with a touch of glitter and gold. Nothing brightens up a brunette like some rich caramel or honey gold ends. Blend the color into the roots to make it low maintenance