Keratherapy was founded in South Florida, home to both bold fashion and epic humidity that can make the hair appear frizzy, unruly and unhealthy.  Keratherapy’s experts developed treatments using natural keratin chemistry to tame wild hair, quickly and easily; giving it a smooth,  natural, luxurious look even in the most challenging environments. 


Keratherapy’s  Keratin treatments have been proven worldwide to not just provide a  quick transformation into smooth, touchable hair, but to maintain that look for months at a time.


Every  Keratherapy product contains our unique, proprietary Kerabond  Technology® delivery system. Kerabond ensures that keratin, which has been ‘bonded’ with each product’s specific amino-acids, nutrients and botanicals is delivered to the areas of the hair where they are needed most. The result is strong, healthy hair that is frizz-free, shiny,  smooth, manageable and humidity resistant. 


Keratherapy products go beyond salon treatments and provide a complete line of aftercare products to maintain that smooth, healthy look for months at a time.


Video - Keratherapy In Barcelona

Keratherapy - Behind The Scenes